Sponsorship Reach

  • MasterWorks 6+  productions a year
  • YouthWorks 4 productions a year
  • Puppetworks productions
  • Theater Works produced and outside events over 100 shows/events a year

Sponsorship at Theater Works Peoria Center for the Performing Arts may include the following benefits, according to the level of support. We are more than happy to work with each sponsor to develop a customized, targeted sponsorship package with your business objectives in mind.


  • Category exclusivity in an uncluttered environment
  • Inclusion in extensive media and advertising campaigns, with logo
  • Logo recognition in onsite signage and Theater Works / PCPA publications
  • Logo, with hyperlink to corporate page, on Theater Works web site
  • Message to reach  Theater Works patrons, actors, volunteers and visitors
  • Repeated exposure throughout the year
  • Your message will reach an upscale, affluent and loyal customer base who patronize businesses that support the Arts
  • Positions your organization as a community leader that supports the performing Arts
  • Flexible – Your message can be modified by season or show
  • Reach targeted markets in a rapid growth area who have enormous buying power


  • Complimentary tickets to sponsored events
  • Invitations to exclusive opening nights, cast parties with the artists, talk backs and other special events
  • Opportunity to host your corporate event at the Center at reduced rates
  • Invitation to purchase tickets to the celebrated Theater Works annual Gala

Membership Advantage

  • Your corporation can receive corporate membership privileges for specified periods of time, which includes:
  • Exclusive ticket purchasing services and invitations to special events
  • Use of the Center’s studios and spaces for events and much more

Why Support the Arts

One of the under-utilized potential values to supporting the arts is the opportunity to involve an organizations staff. Although 80% of companies provide tickets to events for their staff, only 1 in 3 provide opportunities for staff to volunteer in some way. Only 15% of companies encourage staff to mentor an arts organisation or arts professional. Mentoring can be a great way to give staff a fresh perspective on their day-job. Working, for instance, on the marketing for an arts event, can be a great way of using skills in a new way and reinvigorating key staff.

For a lot of arts sponsors, their involvement is the key to influencing and interacting with their customers in their leisure time. We all get bombarded with marketing messages in the office, and at home on the television. But while visiting a stunning arts production/exhibition you note that you were involved with making the production come to life – well that’s going to reflect nicely, isn’t it?