donateWith his passion for theater, support of new artists, and his efforts to bring a diverse and meaningful theatrical experience to audiences throughout the West Valley, Daniel Schay played a vital role in the shaping of the current state of Theater Works. As Executive Director, his leadership had a profound impact on the hundreds of artists who have appeared on our stages and on the patrons who have been impacted by the great artistry. His vision, wisdom and tenacity have helped transform Theater Works into the extraordinary theater it is today.

Dan’s passion was theater, whether as a producer, director, actor, fundraiser or manager. His pursuit of excellence has brought Theater Works critical acclaim, numerous ariZoni Award nominations and awards, and has secured the theater’s place in the heart of Peoria. Spanning more than 40 years, his career culminated at Theater Works, which became Dan’s home before his passing on April 7, 2016. Dan was dedicated to the incubation of new works. One of his significant contributions to Theater Works and the Valley’s theater community was the creation of the New Works Festival, a platform for artists to launch their new plays.

The Board of Trustees voted to memorialize Dan Schay’s commitment and impact by naming the 2016 New Works Festival the Dan Schay New Works Festival.

To honor his memory, to preserve and extend the influence of his leadership, and in reverence of Daniel Schay, we invite you to support the 2016 New Works Festival.

Please make your tax-deductible gift today. Your donation will extend the legacy of Daniel Schay and the indelible mark he left on Theater Works and the Arizona arts community.

Very truly yours,
Tim Holt
President, Board of Directors


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