Each year Theater Works provides the community with a diverse lineup of shows, one of those genres being the musical. Musical theater is one of the few American contributions to the performing arts, together with jazz and modern dance.

Theater Works has presented some great musicals in past seasons: FOLLIES in 2014-15 and MAN OF LA MANCHA in 2015-16 to name a few. One element that made these productions great was the use of live musicians. A musical’s story and emotional content is communicated through the words, choreography, technical components and, significantly, the music. Who can imagine hearing “Popular” from WICKED sung without the moving accompaniment of live musicians? What would provoke the same desperate emotion displayed during “The Music of the Night” in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA without the gift of accompaniment? Music, put simply, amplifies the immersive experience of theater. 

Theater Works has been fortunate enough to have been given a challenge gift of $10,000. This Patron wants to encourage others to join in supporting live musicians for Theater Works productions and will match all gifts up to a total of $10,000. If you enjoy the musical offerings each season, please consider giving towards live musicians with the unique benefit of having your gift doubled.

Our goal is to bring the original sound, energy and pulse of Broadway music to each musical you see at Theater Works by employing professional musicians. Our budget is $20,000. With your help, 20 musicians would perform live for our three musicals this season. A gift of $500 would turn into the $1,000 to pay a musician for the run of a show.

Thank you for your consideration in supporting Theater Works by making a tax-deductible donation.  Every gift is important. Every gift makes an impact.

Sincerely yours,

Tim Holt                  Steve Hilderbrand     Chris Hamby            Cate Hinkle
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Board of Directors    Music Director             Director                      Director


When making your donation, please indicate MUSICIANS in the gift notes section.

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