Kids Alive Presents

Disneys-Aladdin-Jr Directed by Ken & Brenda Goodenberger


Audition Information

Date:  February 8, 2015

Time:  5:00-7:00

Ages-6-13 years old

Directed by:  Brenda Goodenberger

Musically Directed by:  Ken Goodenberger


Performance Dates will be June 5 –  11, 2015


Please be on time for the audition

Please be prepared to sing and read for the audition. 

No need to prepare anything ahead of time.

This is a no cut production, no experience necessary. Everyone who auditions and pays tuition will be cast. Tuition will be $250.00. Tuition payments will be due February 15th.

 Please contact Chris Hamby at with any questions.

Character Breakdown

ALADDIN Aladdin is the title character and carries most of the show. Cast your most charming student with the best vocal and acting abilities. Versatility is necessary in order to play the slick prankster and romantic lead.

ENSEMBLE Ensemble consists of Townspeople, Shop Owners, Harem Girls, Princes, and others. There are opportunities for many featured moments for ensemble members.
GENIE Genie is the fast-talking, scene-stealing funny man, the ability to do comedy is most important.

IAGO Iago is a great comedic role. Like the Genie, he or she need not be the strongest singer. Comedic skills are a must. Iago should bring human characteristics to Jafar’s sidekick.

JAFAR Jafar is our villain. Jafar should be more of a caricature of classic evil villains than someone really scary. Jafar and Iago also share some comedic moments.

JASMINE Jasmine should be cast as feisty and rebellious, yet genuinely sweet and somewhat naïve. Jasmine is a future leader with strong opinions on how things should be done, and the audience needs to see this side of her, as well as the side that Aladdin falls for.

MAGIC CARPET The Magic Carpet works best when treated as a character in the show.

NARRATORS The Narrators can be any combination of boys and girls. All should be able to sing well and be able to speak clearly since they are responsible for setting scenes and advancing the plot.

RAZOUL The actor should have good comedic skills and  can carry a tune. Razoul should be played as highly incompetent – always making mistakes.
SULTAN The Sultan should be able to play a father figure convincingly. Although a bit scattered, he needs to be able to portray love and care for Jasmine.


About Kids Alive

Kids Alive (KA) is the youth musical theater training program at Theater Works. This company of young entertainers perform at Peoria Center for the Performing Arts and other venues in the community.  KA Teaches a wide variety of disciplines including acting, voice, movement, stage presence and community participation. This program is open to students ages 6-13 at all levels of their musical training. This is a no-cut program, all students who attend and pay tuition will have roles in the production. Kids Alive meets on Sundays from 5-7:00 pm.  Tuition for the program is $250.