Season 2014-15

The Great Tug Of War and Other Trickster Tales

February 14, 21 and 28,  2015

10am & 12pm

Sea of Imagination

Sea of Imagination: An Underwater Black Light Adventure

April 18, 25 and May 2, 2015

10AM & 12PM

When a young star falls from the sky and lands in the ocean, it begins a wonderful underwater adventure.  This black light production is filled with wonderfully fun and bright puppets. The entire show glows in the dark!!!

Hand & Rod, Marionettes, Masks,

Costume Figures, Actors, and so much more

Theater Works presents the magical world of PuppetWorks; to educate and enlighten audiences of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and to share its passion for puppetry as a dynamic, living art form.

PuppetWorks productions come to life in many forms, from traditional to     contemporary through the use of Hand & Rod puppets, Marionettes, Masks and costume figures. Puppet performances are used as a base for entertainment, education, and artistic expression.

The puppets and puppeteers encourage children to interact with a talk back after each performance and to participate in a Make-n-Take, which lets them build their own puppet to take home.

Theater Works puppet department supports the local community through partnerships with area businesses, schools and other philanthropic organizations.

We encourage and participate in puppetry and performing arts as a community service that can change lives for the better.