YWA  (Pronounced Y-Way)

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Explore YWA arts education classes where students ages 3 to 18 are instructed by local and national professional teaching artists in the various disciplines of performing arts including: voice, acting, improvisation, dance, puppetry, creative drama, and more.  The YWA program teaches life-skills, enriches self-esteem, and broadens horizons.  Classes are also offered for homeschoolers and adaptive students.


Fall Class Schedule



Adventures in Stories & Drama

3-6 years of age Elizabeth Peterson Saturday 9-9:45am 9/13/14-10/18/14   6 Weeks Peoria Community Center


Intro to Musical Theater (A.)

7-11 years of age Jennifer Whiting Saturday 10-11:00am 9/13/14- 11/15/14   10 Weeks Peoria Community Center


Intro to Musical Theater (B.)

12-17 years of age Jennifer Whiting Saturday 11:15am-12:15pm 9/13/14- 11/15/14   10 Weeks Peoria Community Center $115.00
Intro to Comedy and Improvisation 7-11 years of age Tom Spraker Wednesday 4:15-5:15pm 10/01/14- 12/10/14   10 Weeks Theater Works


Teen Improv

  12-17 years of age   Tom Spraker   Wednesday 5:20-6:20   10/01/14- 12/10/14   10 Weeks   Theater Works   $115.00

Musical Theater Dance

12-17 years of age TBA Saturdays 9:00-10:00am 10/4/14- 12/13/14   10 Weeks OSB-North Campus


Adventures in Stories & Drama This class allows students to play with their favorite stories and picture books through theatre, crafts, song, and dance. Growing artistically and socially, campers are encouraged to let their imaginations go wild and harness their creativity to collaborate with others. Students will become the characters in the story, using critical thinking skills and early literacy skills to reenact the story and speculate what will happen next. Each class will contain Arizona State Standards for Early Childhood preparing your child for Kindergarten and hopefully igniting a lifetime passion for literature and reading.


Intro to Musical Theater (A & B) This course is designed to help students improve and enrich their musical theater skills for auditions and performances. Special focus is placed on teaching students how to connect to the material of their songs through solo, duet and trio work in order to provide the most convincing performances possible.


Intro to Comedy and Improvisation Improv is one of the building blocks of great acting technique. This class will serve as an excellent introduction to this acting fundamental. Through games and exercises students will begin to pave the foundation for serious acting and serious fun.


Teen Improv You don’t have to be a natural comedian to be successful in this class. This hands-on approach is designed to introduce students to the fundamental principles of improvisational performance. To understand comedy is to understand acting!


Musical Theater Dance This class is a must for the musical theater performer! This class will empower you to dance and it will aid you in physical characterizations of any character you are cast to play – musical or non-musical. Learn and/or hone up on skills and combinations that will help you get through any dance audition with confidence!


Peoria Community Center-8335 W Jefferson St Peoria, AZ

Theater Works-8355 West Peoria Avenue, Peoria, AZ

One Step Beyond-North Campus- 8877 W Union Hills Drive, Ste. 240 Peoria, AZ