Southwest Film Expo
Performance Dates:April 6
Venue:Peoria Center for the Performing Arts

For ADA seating please call the Box Office at (623)815-7930.


The Southwest Film Expo will showcase the best in Arizona film-making, from the past to the present day. The goal is to celebrate Arizona’s rich film history while advancing increased diversity and impact of minorities on the present and future of Arizona film. The Southwest Film Expo will present its first Michael Blake (academy award screenwriter-Dances With Wolves) Western Cinema Excellence Award, and will feature speakers and panelists leading the industry. Co-created by Metacom Films and US Energy, which are Native owned and operated, along with the City of Peoria as a foundational sponsor.

Impact Cinema: The global film industry has seen a greater demand for impactful stories, diverse creators, and original content. The Southwest Film Expo’s ‘ImpACT Cinema’ lens is designed to reflect films that matter. This event will be an opportunity for industry professionals to exchange ideas, reflect on the current film landscapes, ask questions, engage in constructive conversations and focus on the values aligned with a diverse film industry, with content that speaks across all audiences. Impact x Cinema = ACTion.



The Business and Craft of Film and Television in Arizona

Bringing in the Studios:
– Old Tucson Studios
– Arizona Studios
Roundtable #1 Strategy Guide for the Arizona Film Industry

Top Categories Awards Winners
– The presentation of the 1st Michael Blake Western Cinema Achievement Award
– Feature Film
– Documentary
– Music
– Short

Finding the agents, producers, and studios to pay attention
Roundtable #2

Upcoming Adventures and Jobs
– How to get involved in upcoming projects in Arizona.

Local artists and producers Forum
– Bringing the sizzle reel – 2-minute pitch

How to find opportunities and employment in the Arizona Film Industry
Roundtable #3

Closing remarks
-The future of the Arizona Film and Television Industry

Arizona is famous for its beautiful desert landscape blessed with breathtaking mountains. From the depths of the Grand Canyon to the red hills of Sedona’s Verde Valley. Arizona is famous for its great natural beauty. Arizona is an artery of the Southwest, some may even go as far as saying the heartbeat. A melting pot of ancient and modern cultures, home of 22 Native American tribes, and one of the most efficient water ecosystems on the planet, the subtropical Sonoran Desert.