Be one of the few to own this unique painting by Arizona’s own R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar of Mural Mice. Perfect for your home or office this framed, archival, fine art Giclee is 4 feet by 16 inches. Also available 3 feet by 12 inches. Donations are tax deductible. Order forms are available in the lobby of the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts. Or you can order by contacting Cate Hinkle at 623-815-1791 ext. 707.

A long-time sponsor and supporter of TheaterWorks and the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts, Thom Gyder of Wilhelm Automotive commissioned Maggie Dewar and R. Wall of Mural Mice Universal for the painting of this large mural which now occupies the space on the northwest wall above the McMillin Theater.

The intent of the mural is to highlight the various performance activities that take place at the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts, as is conveyed in the artist’s statement: “The light spins, the music soars, the dancers are suspended in a dramatic ‘Dip.’ The colors bend as through the lens of a kaleidoscope, refracting in a spectrum of emotion. Behind the curtain, costumes, sets, and characters come to life. The mural peers into a dark theater hoping to capture ‘the magic’ as performers and audience collide in a moment of truth.  This work is inspired by the power of theater to hold forth a mirror for us to see through the masks that we hide behind and teach us who we truly are.”

Mural Mice Universal is a growing collective of artists creating public and private art whose mission is to cultivate a sense of identity and place through art. Each mural begins with the intention to transform a blank wall. Some murals depict history, some are fun and fantastical, others visionary. Past murals include “Community Reflections” at Bushmaster Park in Flagstaff and “The Sound of Flight” at Flagstaff’s Orpheum Theater.