Booking Field Trips

Quiltmaker's Gift-12_9_14 (11)For Information or to book a Field Trip:

Contact Education Director
Thomas Underdal at
or 623.398.6780. Click here to book.

Ticketing Requirements

• A minimum of 10 (ten) people is required in order to be considered a group for field trip performances.
• Everyone seeing the show requires a ticket – this includes students, teachers, and chaperones. The ticket price will be the same for all attending in your group. Please account for all of these people when making your ticket reservation.
• Ticket counts may only be updated by calling 623-815-1791 ext. 702, pending there is space available in the theater. Tickets added less than two weeks before the show you are scheduled to see must be paid in full when you call to add them to your order. Please note only the contact person who made the initial reservation may make changes.

Payment Requirements

A non-refundable deposit of 10% of your total is due immediately upon booking your field trip to reserve your tickets to the show. Full payment is due at least two weeks before the show you are scheduled to see.

Theater Policies

• Theater Works does not permit food or beverage inside the theatre. If you plan on picnicking after the show, please bring all student lunches together in one container. These can be left in the lobby during the performance for pick-up after the show.
• All cell phones must be turned off before the show begins.
• The use of cameras, video equipment, phones and other recording devices is strictly prohibited at Theater Works during all performances.

How do we pay for our field trip?

• Theater Works accepts checks, money orders, credit card payments or purchase orders.
• Each field trip should be paid for in a single payment. We do not accept payment for individual seats.
• All checks need to be sent to Theater Works mailing address (8355 W. Peoria Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345). Credit card payments may be made by phone. Payments of any kind are not accepted at the theater.
• All sales are final and there are no refunds or credits after payment has been made.

When is payment due?

Payment is due two weeks before the date of your field trip.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Theater Works does accept purchase orders. A copy of the purchase order should be emailed to reserve your field trip.

What if we need to change the number of people attending our field trip?

All changes in group size need to be made no later than two weeks before the date of your field trip by the contact person who made the initial reservation. After this date, you are responsible for payment for all seats reserved. Be aware that many shows sell out and there may not be additional seats available after the time of your initial booking.

What if students are absent on the day of the field trip?

Once you have made a booking for a certain number of seats, those seats are reserved for your group and cannot be sold to anyone else. In order to continue to present our quality productions at the highly-discounted rate, we need to be able to sell every seat in the theater.

When should we arrive for our scheduled performance?

We ask that groups arrive 20 minutes prior to show time. It takes several minutes for groups to get off the bus and get seated in the theater. Many events take place in the theater each day. For this reason, we are unable to delay the start of the show for groups who arrive late. ***We will not seat groups who are more than 10 minutes late to a performance. If you are refused seating because your group is more than 10 minutes late, you will not be provided any kind of refund or credit. Please plan ahead.***

What is the address of the theater?

The Peoria Center for the Performing Arts is located at 10580 N. 83rd Drive
Peoria, AZ 85345  MAP. The theater is located just off the Loop 101. Exit the freeway at Peoria, and proceed east. Take a right at 85th Avenue and a left at Washington Street. The theater entrance is on the left at Washington Street.

Where is the parking?

Please utilize the roundabout at the Washington Street entrance for dropping off students. After dropping off students, bus drivers may park along 84th avenue south of Washington Street. Vans and private vehicles will park in the theater park-and-ride lot, just to the west of the theater. Parking is free of charge.

What should we expect when we arrive at the theater?

If you arrive by bus, your bus will be greeted by a staff member or volunteer from the theater. They will give instructions to the group as to where they should line up, and they will also provide parking information to the bus driver. Once your group has lined up, the House Manager will greet you and assign an usher(s) to take you to your seats. Theater Works utilizes volunteer ushers who make it possible for us to provide low-cost performances to school audiences. Ushers will instruct your group to fill in every seat in your designated area. It is important that no seats are skipped by students. Most rows in the theater hold 19 or 20 seats. Please plan ahead of time if you need to accommodate chaperones or adult supervisors in seating groups.

If your group is traveling by private vehicle, you will park in the lot designated on the map you received in your field trip packet and then proceed to the theater where you will be greeted by a staff member and told where to line up.

Where will our seats be in the theater?

The seating plan is designed to provide all groups the best view possible, taking into account the group size, age of the students, special needs in the group, and the adult-to-student ratio. Seating plans are made the day of the show, so neither Theater Works nor the field trip coordinator can tell a group where they’ll be seated prior to arrival. We will always try to seat your group together, but we cannot always guarantee this will be possible. Please arrive early so we can always do our best to seat you accordingly. If members of your group require wheelchair accessible seating or have any other special seating needs, please let us know at the time of booking so we can do our best to accommodate the requests of all of our groups visiting each day.

Can we bring snacks or water into the theater?

No food, candy, gum or beverages are allowed inside the theater. Water bottles with a lid will be allowed. The theater does have a drinking fountain available. If you plan to have a picnic lunch, lunches can be stored in the lobby while you are in the performance.

Where can we take photographs?

There is no photography or videotaping allowed in the theater. However please feel to take as many photos as you like in the lobby or outside the theater.

Can family members purchase individual tickets to attend field trip performances?

There are no individual ticket sales for field trip shows. Anyone attending must be part of a group that has made advance reservations. Only the designated contact person who made the original reservation may make changes to the number attending.

Can we eat lunch at the theater?

The theater is within walking distance of Osuna Park. This beautiful park has restrooms, picnic benches and grassy, shaded areas. Most groups eat lunch on the lawn before or after a performance.